April 30, noon-5pm: Annual CCS Scholarship Competition

(Applications must be postmarked by March 15, 2023)

Audition location: The Music School Settlement, 11125 Magnolia Drive (in University Circle)
The Cleveland Cello Society is pleased to announce its twenty-fifth annual scholarship competition, open to talented young cellists residing in the State of Ohio. Please remember that a candidate may not win twice in a given division (Elementary, Junior, Senior, Collegiate), but is welcome to audition in a new division when qualified to do so.  The competition is divided into four categories: applicants should review the requirements of each category carefully. The winners will be asked to perform on a Cleveland Cello Society recital to be scheduled during the 2023-24 season. 
General requirements:
1. The contestant must perform the compositions listed on his or her application from memory.
2. The applicant is required to bring his or her own pianist, if needed.
3. The applicant must provide the judges with an original copy of the pieces to be performed.

Collegiate Division:  through age 23; as of September 1, 2023.
TWO prizes in this division - Gold Medal  Jean and Jim Triner Prize: $1,500.  
                                                  Silver Medal Prize: $1,000. 
a) one movement from a standard concerto AND b) one movement from a Bach Solo Suite

Senior Division:  grades 9 through 12. Prize: $750.
Requirements: a) one movement from a Bach Solo Suite AND b) a solo piece of your choice
Junior Division:  grades 6 through 8.   George Knobeloch Edwards Prize $500.
Requirements: a) one movement from a Bach Solo Suite AND b) a solo piece of your choice.
Elementary Division: through grade 5.    Mary Margaret Kramer Prize: $300.
Requirements: two contrasting solo pieces of your choice.
Agnew Prize for Bach: A $300 award will be given for the best performance of Bach by a Collegiate Division competitor.  The winner of the Agnew Prize may or may not be the same individual as the winner of the Collegiate Division Gold or Silver Medal Prize.

Click here to apply for the competition online OR download the application form to return via U.S. Mail

The Music Settlement - 11125 Magnolia Drive, in University Circle