PERFORMER Registration Form

The Details:

Alan Rafferty and Sarah Kim will simultaneously present their Technique Classes in separate Zoom rooms, one for intermediate level and one for advanced level students.  Each cellist will be assigned to the appropriate class based on the information provided in this registration form.  
All participants will attend Dr. Kim’s Skill, Will, Thrill presentation.
As noted above, cellists PERFORMING on these virtual  masterclasses need to be at the upper-intermediate level (Suzuki Books 5, or equivalent) or above.  
Performing cellists will need to have a good-quality internet connection, or the ability to pre-record and submit a good-quality performance video in advance of the weekend.
Cellists wishing to perform for the masterclass WITH piano have only the option to submit a video in advance of the workshop. For the masterclass, videos will be viewed at the beginning of the session. The virtual lesson with the instructor will proceed "unaccompanied" (i.e. without piano).